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Motor Grader Rental Services

A grader is a productive special equipment that can efficiently and quickly perform a wide range of earthwork, construction and transportation tasks. Such machines are actively used in the construction and maintenance of roads and airfields. With the help of graders, they carry out planning and profiling of areas and slopes, layer-by-layer leveling of the soil and other foundations. Construction Equipment rental services in India.

They are also indispensable when creating roadsides, cuts and embankments, clearing areas from snow and building materials. The grader is an excellent assistant in the process of construction of railway, hydraulic engineering, irrigation, reclamation and other structures. Best Motor Grader rental services in India.


Wheel Loader Rental Services

A Wheel loader is a type of special equipment for loading and unloading and other types of work. These machines are characterized by their compact size, maneuverability, high power and versatility. Structurally, the front loader is a heavy unit with a capacious and wide bucket. While moving, it picks up bulk materials and small items, and then moves them from one place to another, without using pushing (as is the case with bulldozers or graders). Wheel loader rental services in India.

Appointment of loaders

Front loaders are in demand during construction and road repair work, in production, for organizing transportation, and in warehouse activities. Machines of this type are often present on the balance sheet of utilities and other households. Most often, front loaders are used to move soil, clay, sand, gravel. At construction sites, bricks, metal beams, and pipe products are transported in this way. Often, machines are used to clear snow on city streets and sidewalks. Front loader rental services in India.


Soil Compactor Rental Services

The procedure for increasing the density is carried out by applying mechanical forces to redistribute the particles of the material. A similar action is carried out during the construction of earthen dams, embankments, laying of railways and roads, streets and highways, as well as when laying the foundations of buildings and a number of other construction activities. The soil compaction technology in all these cases complies with the established standards. Accura infra is the best soil compactor rental services in India.

An increase in the density of the soil layer by 1% provides an increase in the bearing capacity of the asphalt and cement concrete laid on top of it by 10-15%. Incorrect and insufficient conduct of such work, on the contrary, leads to precipitation and other destructive consequences. Construction Equipment rental services in India.


Excavator Rental Services

The excavator is a classic representative of specialized earthmoving equipment, actively used in various construction and manufacturing industries. It has a fairly simple design, which includes undercarriage, a cab with controls and a block with a bucket. The main feature of excavators is a rotary working body. For more efficient tasks, it is able to move the bucket in any direction, while the chassis remains stationary. The separate movement of the working body and the undercarriage endows excavators with excellent functionality, productivity and versatility.

Areas of use

Excavators are in great demand because they are able to easily cope with tasks of various types and complexity. This special equipment has become truly indispensable in the field of civil and road construction, mining, quarries and other industries.


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